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Anemone Pulsatilla a Useful Drug Plant

Agarwal T*

Journal Title:Journal of Natural & Ayurvedic Medicine

Traditional medicines is the very large term and in includes the Varity of the topics from the herbs to the several other combinations, TK the traditional knowledge is the wide term and it includes the Varity of the topic from the art and the agricultures, it is also known as the indigenous knowledge, the TK has its existence in the local communities, where the TK Passes from one generation to the another by the oral transmission of the knowledge from one generation to the another which was based on the long term experiences. TM is the term which is used for the locally available flora’s for the treatment of the many kinds of the disorders, they includes the Ayvervedic medicines, Chinese and japanned medicines and Korean medicines, siddha and the other unani and the homeopathic medicines. Here in this research article we are presenting some of the aspects of the genus Anemone pulsitilla. The species is belonging to the family ranunculaceae family, the genus is also known as the wind flower, Anemone word is taken from the Greek language and meaning of the genus is the wind flower. The plant grows in the windy places. The genus grows in the alpine Himalayas, in the European country in the England and Siberia, the plant parts that is used is the flowering herb.