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Effectiveness of Mobilization with Movement (Mwm) for Improving Glenohumeral Rotational Deficit in Periarthritis Shoulder

Rehman Mir A and Thiyagarajan S*

Journal Title:Journal of Natural & Ayurvedic Medicine

Background: The present study was intended to compare the effectiveness of MWM along with therapeutic exercises and therapeutic exercises alone in reducing pain and improving the GH rotational deficits and therefore function of patients diagnosed with periarthritis shoulder. Objective: To find out and compare the effectiveness of MWM with Therapeutic exercise for reducing pain, disability and improving GH rotations in PA shoulder. Method: Subjects were divided into Experimental Group A (n=15) and Non Experimental Group B (n=15). Group A was given MWM along with Therapeutic exercises and Group B was given Therapeutic exercises alone. The duration of each treatment was 3 weeks, for a session of 25-30 minutes per session. Outcome measures included were SPADI, Yang’s three function test and shoulder ROM. Results: Unpaired t-test the Pre and Post Scores between groups for pain component & disability component of SPADI are t=0.0917 at p <0.0001, and t=0.0301 at p<0.0001. Pre and post Yang’s three function test are 0.1765 and <0.0001, Pre and Post scores for active IR & passive IR are t=0.0012 at p 0.123 and t=0.0028 at p<0.0001 respectively. Pre and Post scores for active ER & passive ER are t=0.0004 at 0.003 & t=0.003 at p <0.0001. Thus there is significant difference between the groups, with respect to SPADI, Yang’s three function test and shoulder Range of motion. Conclusion: MWM proved to be more effective, less time consuming and early restoration of GH rotational deficits than therapeutic exercises in PA shoulder; however, subjects improved significantly with both treatment strategies.