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Anthropometric Dimensions of Marma (Vital Area) Present in Human Body with Special Reference its Clinico-Surgical Importance in Present Scenario

Lahange MS* Archana Bhangare and Vikash Bhatnagar

Journal Title:Journal of Natural & Ayurvedic Medicine

References of Marma are found since Vedic literature. In Ayurveda, concept of Marma was first documented by Acharya Charaka but the detailed description of Marma Sharir along with its viddha lakshana is available in Sushrut Samhita. Acharya Sushruta stated every aspect of Marma like definition, location and its clinical aspect. The total numbers of Marma as described in Samhitas are 107 in number. Twelve Pranas and the vital energy of the body are the contents of the Marma sthana. As Marma are vital points of the body they should be protected from any injury. Acharya Sushruta believes that understanding of Marma Sharir covers the half knowledge of surgery. Any injury to these points may results into sever pain or death and even though the physician expert in Marma therapy treated the patient it will cause some deformity. Marma are also sites of Tridosha and Triguna. Hence, these are specific areas of the body which is directly related to Pranik channels to internal organs. Marmas are said to be the sites where there is the conglomeration of mamsa, sira, snayu, asthi and sandhi and also at these places prana resides specially by nature. The severity of the injury depends upon the site, depth of wound; intensity and time duration go off after injury. To prevent these vital points from any types of injuries everyone must knows its location, anthropometric dimension, vitality and ill effects after injuries.