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Effectiveness of Airline Internship Program of Tourism Graduates: A Channel for Job Placement

Chona B. Hernandez, Felisande Lei Particia Bel, 1Van Alyssa Marie M. Dela Cruz, Camille Gabrielle P. Fadriquelan, Given Angel C. Marcial, Annalie D. Pateņa

Journal Title:Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Arts and Sciences

This work was intended to assess the Airline Internship of Tourism Graduates of LPU-B from the school year 2010-2013. Specifically, the study also described the demographic profile of the respondents who have undergone the Airline internship; assessed the knowledge and skills they gained in the Airline internship; determined the level of effectiveness of the Airline internship to Tourism graduates; and found out that the employment of the respondents was paralleled to the course they completed. The descriptive method was used by the researchers in order to gather the needed information of the study. The researchers found out that the respondents of the study were dominated by single female young adults whose employment was coupled with the necessary trainings, and with work experience of less than one year. Based on the survey, the knowledge and skills gained by the respondents in the Airline Internship were both very good and the Airline Internship to Tourism Graduates of 2010-2013 was highly effective. Lastly, the Internship Program of the majority of the respondents is aligned to their current jobs.