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The Integrative Medicine-An Indian Perspective Pivoted on Ayurveda

Gangadharan GG*

Journal Title:Journal of Natural & Ayurvedic Medicine

There is rising global demand for alternatives to mainstream medical system owing to its inability to satisfactorily address all the current healthcare needs. It is making the case for one such alternative model of Integrative Medicine (IM) that has Ayurveda in the pivot and combines other systems like yoga, physiotherapy and certain elements of Allopathy, to be investigated as a feasible model of IM specifically in the context of India. This paper probe into the possibilities and advantages of developing different kind of integrative medicines pivoted on an established traditional healthcare system, taking Ayurveda as an example. This paper postulates the evolution of integrative medicine through a process of summative medicines where entirely two different paradigm of healing system come together to solve a problem.