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Growth of Different Olive Varieties Influences with Foliar Application of GA3 under Saline Conditions

Arshad Ullah M*, Aamir SS, Afzal MU and Ali S

Journal Title:Journal of Natural & Ayurvedic Medicine

Salinity is an important factor affecting plant productivity and constitutes a problem concerning a significant portion of the earth planet. Olives are a good source of iron which helps to transport oxygen in blood. Calcium present in olives is essential for bones and muscles. Gibberellins (GA3) play a vital role in the detoxification of heavy metals and in tolerance to salt stress by improving plants growth, chlorophyll synthesis and activities of antioxidant enzymes, and by preventing lipid per oxidation. The study was carried out at NARC Islamabad during August, 2018 to October, 2018 to examine olive varieties growth influences with foliar application of GA3 under saline conditions in tunnel. Soil salinity was developed artificially with the mixture of different salts at 2.0dSm-1. Completely randomized design was applied with three replications. Foliar spray of Gibberellic acid @ 0, 200 and 400 mgl-1 was done. Growth parameters of plant height stem diameter, # of leaves plant-1 and leaf area were recorded at the end of the experiment. Megaron olive variety attained the highest plant height at 200 and 400 mgl-1 GA3 foliar sprays than other two olive varieties. Stem diameter was the maximum in Coratina olive variety that was higher than control and other two olive varieties. Number of leaves plant-1 and leaf area were gained the highest position by Chetoui olive variety at 200 and 400 mgl-1 GA3 foliar spray than other two olive varieties under artificially saline conditions.