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International and Local Internship Programs of CITHM Students

Monaliza A. Ebreo, Roselyn P. Carranza, Luisa N. Eustaquio, Loraine G. Magluyan,Jessalyn C. Manalo, Jennifer S. Trillanes, Sevillia S. Felicen, Alex P. Ylagan

Journal Title:Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Arts and Sciences

The aim of this research is to find out the competitive advantages of international internship as compared with the local internship, specifically, to identify studentís exposure in LPU during the internship in terms of knowledge, skills, attitude and personality, and to compare these attributes acquiredin international practicum with local practicum among interns. The researchersused descriptive research method to evaluate CITHM students of LPU who have undergone local and international practicum to identify and compare the skills learned from international and domestic internship. The results revealed that there are no differences in comparing local and international internship programs in LPU. It can be comprehended that from the standpoint of the study, the findings proved that the level of satisfaction of both local and international interns pertaining to the knowledge, skills, attitude and personality learned and applied in LPU are very satisfactory. The researchers recommend strengthening the college internship program.