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Perfectionism and Well-being among Academic Achievers

Zeny L. Gasco, Louise Margaux D. Umali, Miriam Grace A. Malabanan, Lida C. Landicho

Journal Title:Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Arts and Sciences

The relationship of perfectionism and well-being among academic achievers was investigated. In this total of 254 studentsí achievers participated in the study from different colleges in Lyceum of the Philippines- Batangas . The instruments used are The Frost Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale (MPS) and the Domains of well-being. The objective of the study is to test the hypothesis if there is a relationship between perfectionism and well-being among academic achievers. ANOVA correlated two- tailed computation was used in analyzing the data. Sample mean and standard deviation of scores were calculated. The study of perfectionism is correlated with well- being and the satisfaction level.