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واقع وآفاق السياحة الصحراوية في الجزائر دراسة حالة ولاية تندوف The reality and prospects of desert tourism in Algeria : Tindouf State Case Study

بجاوية سهام  ;  نسيلي جهيدة

Journal Title:revue scientifique Avenir économique

Tourism in the desert of Algeria is an economic gain because of the natural characteristics that make it able to provide financial and economic resources to accelerate growth, which contribute significantly to reduce the problem of unemployment and amelioration the level of national output. The desert areas of our country, which have been listed according to the poles of tourism excellence (POT) to the south-east, south-west and the great south. Tindouf is classified as a tourist attraction because it contains stone plates carved with horses and camels in different parts of them. Through our research paper we aspire to draw attention to the mandate of Tindouf, as a tourist destination that requires attention and development of tourism and preserve the original values of its tourist sites.