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Leadership Behavior of BATELEC I Department and Area Office Managers: Basis for Enhancement


Journal Title:Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Arts and Sciences

Leadership behavior is the behavior associated with the exercise of authority. The effectiveness of leadership behavior is gauged on the leader’s ability to influence others in solving problems and achieving goals. In this study, the perception of rank-and-file employees on the leadership behavior of BATELEC I department and area office managers will be revealed in terms of human motivation, initiative, group process, problem solving, decision making and human relations. The findings of this study showed that BATELEC I managers demonstrate high leadership behavior in terms of human motivation. It was followed by leadership behavior in terms of group process; and then by decision making and human relations that got the same composite mean. Leadership behavior in terms of problem solving got the fourth rank while initiative got the least rank. It also revealed that the socio-demographic profile variables of the respondents do not affect their perception on the leadership behavior of BATELEC I managers. Further, it showed that majority of the respondents are in their 30s, male, Roman Catholic and have gained only a few number of years in the electric cooperative. The researcher recommends that the management of BATELEC I should further enhance work relationship through promoting cooperation among employees. This shall be done through the revival of the employees’ quarterly meeting with a different assigned host for every quarter to be headed by the department and area office managers. Work relationship shall be improved in this activity since its preparation and implementation shall involve all the employees assigned for every quarter.