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Non Communicable Diseases and Women's Health

Oliseneku Damien Uyagu

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Women's Health

While there are many gender-specific challenges about women’s health, Non Communicable diseases (NCDs) constitute the most significant threat to women’s health worldwide. The impact of this problem drew the attention of the World Health Organization 10 years ago at the 2010 UN global strategy for women and child health [1]. The summit considered NCDs as a critical element of improving the lives of girls and women worldwide. Ten years after that summit, NCDs remains the highest cause of death among women and girls. Several papers published about women and girls allude to this fact. Global efforts to improve women’s health primarily focused on Sexual and reproductive health while neglecting the number one cause of mortality and morbidity to women and girls. In a recent article titled ‘Women’s health, A new global agenda’ published in the BMJ 4 years ago, attention was drawn to the actual burden borne by women and girls due to the direct effects of NCDs