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Understanding the Concept of Sustainable Development for Effective Solid Waste Management: Malaysia Perspective

Abas MA*

Journal Title: Open Access Journal of Waste Management & Xenobiotics

Malaysia’s economy has experience a change of dependence on the agricultural sector to the industrial sector. This rapid economic change has been supported by the phenomenon of globalization. As a result, the culture and lifestyle of Malaysian has been inclined towards consumerism. This unsustainable lifestyle has led to drastic increase of solid waste generated annually. Immersion the concept of sustainable development in solid waste management is an initiative and effective approach in addressing solid waste generated problem. Accordingly this paper discusses theintegration of solid waste management with the concept of sustainable development is scrutinized to exemplify the features and components that essential in effective solid waste management. Besides that, the concept of Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) is explored to acquaint the concept of effective solid waste management. Comprehendingthe concepts and eachcomponent related to sustainable development and solid waste management could be an insight towards effective solid waste management in developing countries.