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Tourism and Municipal Solid Waste Management in Developing Economies: Challenges and Opportunities

Manomaivibool P* and Noithammaraj P

Journal Title: Open Access Journal of Waste Management & Xenobiotics

Tourism is a driving force for an increase in municipal solid waste (MSW) in developing countries. An average tourist may generate more MSW than a local resident and the tourist destinations are often located in remote areas deprived of proper infrastructure and services for the management of MSW. This combination can lead to a vicious cycle of tourism that destroys natural environment and host communities. However, there are sustainability standards and good practices that will maximize benefits of tourism while minimize negative impacts. This paper uses Thailand as a case study for both challenges and opportunities tourism offers to MSW management. In addition, the revenues from tourism can be channeled for the improvements of the hard and soft infrastructures and the services in a systematical way.