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Advanced Techniques for Wastewater Treatment: A Review

Kunal, Rajput S and Yadav S*

Journal Title: Open Access Journal of Waste Management & Xenobiotics

Freshwater in lake and pond are often found to be polluted by heavy metals such as As, Zn, or Pb which are toxic in nature and non-biodegradable. Heavy metals are readily consumed by both aquatic flora and fauna present in the freshwater environment. It also polluted the air, water, and soil. Thus, they have adverse impact on the entire ecosystem. These heavy metals also enter the human systems through food consumed. This review discusses the methods and their mechanism used to reduce the amount of such heavy metals The methods which are in practice are Electrochemical Treatment (Electrocoagulation, Electro-Floatation, and Electro-Deposition), Physicochemical Process (Chemical Precipitation, Ion-Exchange, and Adsorption), Membrane Filtration (Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis, Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, and Electro-Dialysis),and Photo-Catalysis and Nanotechnology Treatment.