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Comprehensive Model to Predict the Yield of the Pyrolysis Products of Kraft Lignin Based on Lumped Approach

Sherif Elshokary,*, Sherif Farag and Bitu Hurisso

Journal Title: Open Access Journal of Waste Management & Xenobiotics

This work presents a comprehensive model based on the lumping approach to quantitively predict the products of the pyrolysis of kraft lignin. The yield of the primary pyrolysis products-biochar, bio-oil, and biogas-that are produced from the thermal decomposition of the lignin network are estimated. Different pyrolysis conditions and raw material characteristics are considered. The impacts of the particle size of the raw material, pyrolysis heating rate, and reaction residence time are taken into the investigation. The comparison of the predicted results using the developed model against the experimental data showed the high capability of the presented models to predict the biochar, bio-oil, and biogas yield under the examined conditions.