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Comparative Analysis of Alkali, Ash and Moisture Content of Some Agricultural Wastes

Ikezu UJM, Ugariogu SN*, Ikpa CBC, Ibe FC and Iwu VC

Journal Title: Open Access Journal of Waste Management & Xenobiotics

Comparative analysis of alkali, moisture and ash contents of some agricultural wastes which include palm bunch, plantain peel, banana leaf and maize cob were carried out to assess their usefulness in food, chemical and soap industries and as well as the possibility of reducing environmental pollution caused by them. Standard methods of analysis were used for all the parameters and the results revealed that all the wastes contain considerable amount of alkali in (g/l) as follows 0.05, 0.062, 0.016 and 0.03 and their molarity in mol/dm3 as 0.134, 0.09, 0.086 and 0.038 for Palm bunch, Plantain peel, Banana leaf and Maize cob respectively. The percentage ash content results were 2.91, 1.62, 2.02 and 1.12 while moisture content results were 53.77, 86.95, 79.05, and 38.54 respectively. The results suggested that some of the waste can be used for several beneficial purposes thereby reducing the harm and pollution they caused to the environment.