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The "Abdominal Brain"-The Wonders of Gut Feeling & Healing & Utilizing the 5 Elements Map of Emotions in the Small Intestine

Livni O*

Journal Title:Journal of Natural & Ayurvedic Medicine

Our Gut has its own mind * The Intestines plays a significant role in our Physical, Emotional and Mental health. We may use the wisdom of the Gut to provide healing & overall Well Being. * Chinese medicine names the Gut “The Abdominal Brain” and refers to it as a Thinking & Feeling entity in the human body. * The Small Intestine embodies an inner mechanism of knowing. It isolates constructive nutrient & supportive emotions, from distractive toxins & un-supportive emotions. * Modern scientists are now confirming the ancient knowledge of TCM. They state that the root of the mysterious “Gut” sensations is in a network of neurons lining our alimentary canal (Gut). They call it “The second Brain” and refer to the Enteric Nervous System (ENS). * Michael Gershon explains that the ENS is a unique part of the Autonomic nerves system along with the Sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions. * Both the Cranial brain and the abdominal brain originate during fetal development from tissues called the Neural Crest. They are connected by a group of nerve fibers called the Vagus (also vagal) nerve. * The two brains collaborate with each other providing a full spectrum of survival wisdom. Cranial brain contributes Intellectual wisdom & mental intelligence. The Abdominal brain offers Instinctive wisdom & Emotional intelligence. * The “Shen” of the Heart- similar to the Vagus nerve - forms a connection between the Thinking brain and the Instinctive brain. * The meridian of the S.I creates another interaction between the head and the Gut as it coordinates the activity of the Jaw with the Ileocecal valve. * According to the Healing Tao, stress and blocked emotions form physical knots in the Small Intestine. Their location follows the five elements wisdom of Chinese medicine in relations to the emotional energy of the Internal Organs. *We can utilize this 5-element map for both, Evaluation as well as Treatment of Digestive disorder and emotional imbalances. *The Taoist Internal Organ Massage provides healing of Body (Gut), Mind (Brain) & Spirit (Shen). These methods rejuvenate the entire body, Restoring overall vitality, creativity and wellbeing.