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Efficacy of Panchvalkaladi Oil in the Management of PostOperative Wound of Breast Abscess: A Single Case Study

Gamit N and Dudhamal TS*

Journal Title:Journal of Natural & Ayurvedic Medicine

Breast abscess occurs in child bearing women during 2-3 weeks of post natal period. The causes may be due to milk engorgement, feeding restriction, infection through duct (Staphylococcus aureus) and sometimes emotional stress. Stana vidradhi can be correlated with Breast abscess basis of symptoms likes tenderness and heaviness in the breast with pain and may also ulceration with thick or yellow pus with fever, thirst, low energy and reduced appetite. In Breast abscess soft tissue are involved and spread infections very fast. Panchvalkaladi oil is having shodhan (cleansing) and ropan (healing) properties and its oil form is being used in Dusta Varna (infected wound). After incision and drainage of breast abscess is infected so in this case Panchvalkaladi oil can be used for management of post operated wound. Materials & Method: Patient taken from the Shalyatantra OPD of the I.P.G. T&R.A hospital, Jamnagar (Gujarat). 24 years old female patient who came with complains of non-healing wound of swelling and pus discharge (breast abscess operated) since last 1month.The measurement of wound was 5.1× 5.3 cm3. Wound was cleaned with Normal saline and Panchvalkaladi oil socked gauze was packed in the wound daily once in morning for 8weeks. Along with local management the Amrit kalash-2 tab BD and Avaleha of Amrit kalash one tea Spoon in morning time was continued during the treatment. Result: After 1st week of dressing, wound became clean and healthy granulation tissue was observed. Wound contraction started after 5 days and wound size reduced remarkable 1 cm3 on 6th week and relief all symptoms. Wound completely healed within 8 weeks. Conclusion: A single case study concluded that Panchvalkaladi oil had healing potential in the management of post operated breast wound.