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Quality of Service Assessment of AOMDV for Random Waypoint and Random Walk Mobility Models?

V B Kute, Dr. M U Kharat?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Routing Protocol performance is strongly affected by user or node mobility in Mobile Ad hoc Network. Performance of any routing protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Network is investigated and assessed using simulator. Network Simulator - 2 uses various mobility models to mimic mobility patterns. Simulating a precise real life user/node mobility pattern is difficult. The ns-2 mobility models attempt through its mechanism to emulate real time traffic. This paper is an attempt to study one MANET routing protocol with two mobility models of ns-2.34. The investigation focuses three qualities of services to examine the protocol performance, Throughput, Average Delay and Drop Packet Ratio. Through this evaluation we are able to show that Random Waypoint Mobility model is superior in performance over Random Walk Mobility Model. But the simulation of real time mobility patter is more factual with Random Walk Mobility model than Random Waypoint Mobility Model.