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The Effects of DNealian Worksheets, Tracing, and Visual Prompts to Teach Four Preschool Students with Disabilities to Write Their Names

Christina Maricich; T. F. McLaughlin; K. Mark Derby; and Diane Conley

Journal Title:International Journal of Basic and Applied Science (IJBAS)

The purpose of this study was to teach four preschool boys how to write their names using tracing DNealian letters of their names. The participants were all enrolled in a special education preschool. During baseline, the students were unable to write all of the letters in their names. During intervention, the students traced unknown letters using work sheets made with DNealian Handwriting. In the second intervention, students traced specific letters of their last name. The results suggested that tracing letters using worksheets with DNealian handwriting work sheets effectively taught preschool students with disabilities to write their names. Recommendations regarding additional classroom applications of these procedures are made.