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صناعة الصكوك الإسلامية وتطوراتها في ظل المستجدات الاقتصاديةالدولية     The Islamic Sukuk industry and its developments in light of the international economic developments

بورزامة جيلالي ;  bourzama.djillali@yahoo.fr   بن عمر خالد  ; Khal_benamor@yahoo.fr

Journal Title:revue scientifique Avenir économique

This study aims to understand the aspects of Islamic sukuk, learn about its general framework and identify the common denominators and the fundamental differences between them as an Islamic financing tool and traditional financial instruments. It also aims to reveal the reality of dealing with Islamic instruments in various world economies and highlight its developmental role with a view of the reality of dealing in them in Algeria and uncovering the field obstacles against its spread. The study concluded that the objectives of the Islamic Sukuk investment industry are not only to contribute to raising capital to start an investment project, but also includes acquiring the necessary liquidity and improving the creditworthiness of the issuing companies. This study also confirmed the success of the Islamic Sukuk industry on the ground by achieving expansionary trends around the world, but still faces in Algeria a number of field obstacles, namely, its absence from the Money and Credit Law, the refusal to list Sukuk on the Algiers Stock Exchange and the its deprivation of the status of equal value property rights in the country’s commercial law.