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Evaluation of Nutritional Value’s for Different Rice Varieties Cultivated in Ghoti Region.

Mrunmai Chaskar * and Darshana Varma

Journal Title:International Journal of PharmaO2 (IJPO)

Rice (oryzi sativa) is one of most widely consumer food for larger part of human population. As a rice of different type having different nutritional values so, the main objective of study is to identify which rice variety has good nutritional value. Carbohydrates and protein content evaluated by IS 7219:1973 and USFDA Title 21, FDA April 2012 method. Some physical parameter also determined like moisture content, dimension etc. Results indicate that polished Kolpi rice (Carb-81.96% and Protein- 7.85%) have good nutritional value than unpolished Kolpi rice (Carb-81.51% and Protein-7.79%). Whereas, polished Indrayani rice shows good protein (Carb-81.93% and Protein-7.85%) than unpolished Indrayani rice (Carb-82.39% and Protein-7.73%). On basis of carbohydrate we can conclude that unpolished Indrayani rice (82.39%) have good energy source than other varieties under study. Keywords: Protein, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Minerals, Dimension, Moisture content.