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Solubility and Dissolution Enhancement of Erlotinib by Liquisolid Compact Technique

Mr. Rajesh Dumpala*, Mr. Jignesh S. Patel, Mr. Nikunj Patadiya, Mr. Chirag Patil

Journal Title:International Journal of PharmaO2 (IJPO)

Abstract- In this study we try to increase the dissolution power of drug Erlotinib (Anti-Cancer drug) which is poorly soluble in nature) by using very famous technique called liquisolid compact method. In preparation of liquisolid tablet of Erlotinib using liquid vehicle polyethylene glycol 400(PEG 400) which is non-volatile in nature. We use Avicel PH200 used as carrier material, and for coating we used Aerosil 200 in different ratios. Mathematical model and 32 full factorial design became useful in formulation of different powder system. We evaluated our preparation by their micrometric properties, FTIR study(for showing interaction between drug and excipients), DSC study and XRD study(for showing crystalline structure of drug).For optimization Response surface methodology (32 factorial) was working to learning the cause of independent variables like drug concentration in liquid medication (X1) and carrier and coating ratio (R) (X2) on the dependent variables like Cumulative % drug release at 15 min (Y1) and Angle of slide (Y2). Based on this result, formulation O1 at level 0 (20) for X1 and level 0 (25) for X2 was selected as optimized formulation. Data was analyzed by using ANOVA, and value of P<0.05 was found to constant, it’s very important. In vitro dissolution of formulation was studies and compare with marketed formulation, in result liquisolid tablets shows higher % of dissolution due to high wetting properties due to using of MCC. We also evaluated its stability studies at 400C ± 20C temperature and 75 ± 5% RH for one month (accelerated stability study) which showed no major change in percentage drug content and its release patent. All result shows our formulation which main goal is increase dissolution of erlotinib was successfully formulated. Key Words: Erlotinib, solubility enhancement, 32factorial design, liquisolid compact.