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Optimization Through Visual Enhancement of Compression Algorithm for Image in JPEG2000 Standard

Kansagra Deep MukeshbhaiKamalakannan J.

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Efficient Data compression is a basic need for transmission of high data in small bandwidth transmission medium and/or in the device which is working on less power in the field of surveillance or close circuit image capturing system in relative less time. Researchers have developed many techniques to do lossy and lossless compression and provide us with optimized results but also there is a vast scope of research to be done as due to new type of filters which could be implemented as an inner functionality of transformation function for example DWT itself uses Daubechies9/7 filter to realize transformation, it is lossy coding technique and the other one DWT uses is LeGal5/3 filter to realize transformation, it is lossless coding technique.So implementing a combination of more than one filter will be enough helpful for a new substandard or a new version of a standard to develop. Here proposed strategy is to use it in decoder side without castigate the visual quality of image. As we have seen that the share of images, video transmitted data in internet is in huge amount. But the standard of image in which it been used and transmitted has been not much changed which results in high time for transmission. Instead of this we can implement JPEG2000 standard for transmitting the image and video file and will have a great results but to do so we must having a edge of possibilities of way of compression in jpeg2000 improved standard.