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Activity of Zinc Oral Dispersible Tablet on Marjory Clinical Type of Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis Ulceration, a Clinical Trial Human study

Ghadah Ali Al-Oudah , Ameer Hamdi AL-Ameedee, Sinan Abdul-Sattar Shwailiya

Journal Title:Annals of Tropical Medicine & Public Health

Background:Oral recurrent aphthous stomatitis is the most common disease of the oral cavity. The underlying etiology remains unclear, and no curative treatment is available. Zinc is essential and useful for normal growth and tissue repair, zinc acts as an integral part of several enzymes important to protein and carbohydrate metabolism. Objectives:The presentstudy aimedto use systemic drug used zinc oral dispersible tablet (20mg).Illnesses related to the oral cavity by studyingits effects in oral recurrent aphthous stomatitis major clinical type (ORAS), this systemic therapy is not indicated in such situations among other drugs. Methods:In this study patientspresented with (ORAS) ulceration lesions were treated with zinc oral dispersible tablet (20mg) administered orally once daily after meal. The dispersible tablet was administered orally once daily for 14 days, 52 patients (36 males and 16 females aged between 28-30)with biopsy-confirmed aphthous ulceration of the lesions area, divided into two groups;group A, 28 patients were randomly assigned to receive zinc oral dispersible tablet, 20 mg/dayonce per day, and group B;24 patients with oral placebo daily for 14 days. Results: The results showed that administering of zinc oral dispersible tablet once per day accelerated the healing process within a short time period (8 days) without complications or disfigurement in all patients.Group A, 22 patients, (healing rate 0.66%) of 28 patients were used zinc oral dispersible tablet (20mg) doses administered orally had complete healing of aphthous ulcers at period time eight days of clinical investigation evaluation and weight increase rate by 0.32% kg during the time period of the study, compared with group B, only8 patients (healing rate 0.21%) of 24 placebo-randomized patients eating ability caused by oral cavity aphthous ulceration were improved markedly and had a weight loss rate by 0.53% kg. Conclusion:In this study showed that, the zinc oral dispersible tablet treatment was effective in healing of the major type aphthous ulceration and the end-points of the study were complete healing and absence of any discomfortpain while eating within a short period of treatment.