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Complete Supracervical Uterine Transection - A Rare Complication of Abdominal Myomectomy

Kunal Rathod1*, Sheela Swamy2, Adam Jakes3, Holland Tom4 and Kumar Kunde4

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Women's Health

Iatrogenic disconnection between the uterus and cervix remains an unreported complication post myomectomy. We report a case following abdominal myomectomy and the surgical repair. A 41-year-old presented with secondary amenorrhea and primary subfertility. Ultrasound pelvis and Magnetic resonance imaging showed that the uterine body was entirely separated from the cervix. Successful reanastomosis of uterus and cervix followed by a Hysteroscopy and adhesiolysis which was performed after 6 months led to regular establishment of periodic menstruation