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Predictive Data Mining: A Generalized Approach?

Meghana Deshmukh?, Prof. S. P. Akarte

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

In this paper, we included the ambitious task of formulating a general framework of data mining. We explained that the framework should fulfil. It should elegantly handle different types of data, different data mining tasks, and different types of patterns/models. We also discuss data mining languages and what they should support: this includes the design and implementation of data mining algorithms, as well as their composition into nontrivial multi step knowledge discovery scenarios relevant for practical application. We proceed by laying out some basic concepts, starting with (structured) data and generalizations (e.g., patterns and models) and continuing with data mining tasks and basic components of data mining algorithms (i.e., refinement operators, distances, features and kernels). We next discuss how to use these concepts to formulate constraint-based data mining tasks and design generic data mining algorithms. Finally this paper discussed about these components would fit in the overall framework and in particular into a language for data mining and knowledge discovery.