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Honey Trap Security Server: An Efficient Approach of Securing E-Banking Network?

Ashwini Gabhane, Kiran Bansule, Pradnya Kedar, Lekha Gahukar, Swati Sahare, Ketki Bhakare

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

This paper presents a new way for securing an account. The Honey trap Security Server is use to secure an account from an attacker, intruder, hackers and crackers. Honey trap is nothing but "a security resource whose value lies in being probed, attacked or compromised". The honey trap contains no data or applications critical to the company but has enough interesting data to entice a cracker. A Honey trap system should be system to be easier prey for intruders than true production systems but with minor system modifications so that their activity can be logged of traced. An important goal of Honey trap Security Server is to trap an intruder and the methods which are used for intrusion before attacking on real server.