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The Influence from Sense of Coherence on Perceived Health after Prostatectomy A 5 Year Follow Up

Liselotte Jakobsson1 *, Petra Nilsson1 and Per Fransson2

Journal Title:Medical & Clinical Research

The purpose of the study was to to describe which factors of health related quality of life were associated with a high sense of coherence in a 5 year perspective. The sense of coherence, SOC-scale, EORTC QLQ C-30 and PR 25 questionnaires were applied to a sample of 222 men at baseline and over 5 years following radical prostatectomy. Result showed significant association to SOC in psychological aspects (emotional and cognitive functioning, p=<0.00-0.04 respectively 0.04) and for hormone treatment related symptoms (i.e. manhood p=<0.05). High SOC was associated with quality of life (index) in the early post treatment period and to aspects of general functioning (role-, emotional- respectively cognitive) in year 3 and 5. High sense of coherence was interpreted to be a health resource for experiencing life quality connected to different aspects at different time points of the data collection. The result showed stability in SOC and QoL scoring over 5 years.