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Integrative Joint Organizational Platform of Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine in the Management on Recalcitrant Atopic Dermatitis

Chan Kam Tim Michael*1 and Yu Chau Leung Edwin2

Journal Title:Medical & Clinical Research

An expert panel as a focus group on eczema comprises Chinese medicine practitioners (CMP) and Western medicine specialist (WMS) working based on an opinion sharing model under the established Integrative Joint Organizational Platform (IJOP). It is a program under the Hong Kong Association for Integrative of Chinese -Western Medicine, funded by the Innovation and Technology Commission. The aim is to provide a management framework assisting CMP – WMS collaboration and to layout examples for eczema integrated management. The following article provides details of the history of development of TCM in Hong Kong and the method and results of using this integrated platform for Chinese and Western Medicine collaboration for management of Atopic dermatitis.