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Algorithm of Periorbital Area Rejuvenation

┼×eyda Atabay

Journal Title:Medical & Clinical Research

Purpose: Representing the algorithm of periorbital area rejuvenation Materials: As part of the research, 1216 eyes of 608 patients were included. According to patients’ complaints and evaluating their situation, treatments were carried out as medical and surgical. Treatment was not applied to 75 patients that their request and the cure were not compromise. Patients were followed approximately 11,3 months (1-32 months). The study is evaluated according to patients’ reason of request, their general characteristics and the treatments that are applied. Findings: Age average of 608 patients who are applied to my clinic with the intent of periorbital area rejuvenation and enhancing eyelid deformity between the dates of March 2014-January 2017 is 38. 81,25% patients were female and 18,75% was male. 538 patients (88,5%) were applied medical treatment. 260 patients (42,8%) got surgical treatment and to 31,3% patients, combined treatment was applied. The treatment that I applied and the complaints of 89% patients harmonized with each other. 11% of patients were not treated since their complaints and their treatment request were not corresponded to each other. Result: The most important phase is pre-treatment to become successful in the treatment. First thing to do is listening and understanding the patient carefully, because the problem we observe and patient’s complaint may not be the same. In this case, no matter how successful the treatment is, we can not satisfy the patient. Sometimes, patient has unrealistic expectations. When such a patient like this is encountered, it must be kept away from him or her and the treatment should not be applied.