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Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Life Style Modification in the Management of Hypertension

Most Luthy Begum1 , Satya Prio Dhar2 , Arif Mahmud3 , Md. Firoz Abedin4 , Lobaba Sultana Lima5 , and Md Zahid Hasan Khan6

Journal Title:Medical & Clinical Research

Background: Hypertension remains as one of the most important public health challenges Worldwide because of the associated morbidity, mortality, and the cost to the society. Despite the availability of safe and effective antihypertensive medications and the existence of clear treatment guidelines, hypertension is still inadequately controlled in a large proportion of patients worldwide. Unawareness of lifestyle modifications, and failure to apply these were one of the identified patient- related barriers to blood pressure control. Methodology: It was this cross sectional study was conducted to assess knowledge, attitude and practice of life style modification in the management of hypertension among 100 conveniently selected study subjects. Result: Mean±SD age of respondents was Average age of the patients was 36.96±13.04 years. More than half of the respondents (56%) passed SSC level of education. Almost 99% of the study subjects knew that smoking is associated with hypertension. About 94% respondent told excessive salt intake is bad for health. Almost all of them knew that excessive salt intake results high blood pressure. About 93% told that physical exercise has effect on blood pressure. Three-fourth of the study subjects told that physical exercise decrease cholesterol. About 40% took part physical exercise regularly. The study found levels of knowledge on non-drug control of hypertension was quite good but practice level was poor. Conclusion: Knowledge regarding hypertension is an important measure used for decreasing the prevalence of hypertension. Life style modification is the easiest way to prevent or control high pressure. The increase level of knowledge on life style changes will help to have desired intervention goal in people who are most motivated. This study was an attempt to assess knowledge, attitude and practice of life style modification in the management of hypertension.