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Halal Industrialization into Food Production-Global Perspective, Scientific Gaps & Proposed Solutions

R N A Khan*

Journal Title:Medical & Clinical Research

Halal food is associated with billions of people so it’s logically easy to predict that any problem with-in halal food can give birth to serious food-crises with huge losses to economics, market, food-chain and energies along demand of huge shift of funds & food provision camps to cope it and cover up the need of food for halal industry-grade food user. If a food set up have some benefits then the same set up must have some drawbacks as well, especially when it’s not under scientific lines. Risk analysis & management as precautionary measuring tool are vital in case of halal industrialization. Moreover the past history response & set of behaviours told that the issues & crises associated to followers of Islamic ideologies, especially religious & sharia related matters usually turn disturbing & violent as well all around the globe, whenever some problem identified & arise with-in them. Wise approach is to see the drawbacks, gaps and their expected solution as crises management relief