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A Cross-Sectional Study to Investigate the Association between Physical Activity (PA) and Barriers among Tertiary Education Students in Hong Kong

H. K. Wong

Journal Title:Medical & Clinical Research

Physical activity ties tight with our daily living. It defines as the bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that involve energy expenditure [1]. According to WHO, it is recommended young adult should do at least 150-minute moderate to intensity PA or 75-minute aerobic vigorous to intensity PA throughout a week. The advantages of staying physically active have solid evidences supported. There, however, is a poor practice in PA in tertiary education students globally. It is stated that more than 80% of theadolescent population in the world is not enough physically active [1]. It is believed that students in Hong Kong are getting not enough physically active as well. Remedying this plight not only in the view of personal benefits but a global health issue. It, therefore, is a high time to investigate the relationship between perceived barriers and PA behavior among tertiary education students in Hong Kong.