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Biometrics based Mobile Reminder for Mental Health Disorders

Ghada Al-Hudhud

Journal Title:Medical & Clinical Research

Assistive mobile technologies are highly demanded in order to reduce care givers effort with low cost/free programs. In this context, and due to the aging/ mental health disorders, memory loss and the change in the interaction between cognitive disability and mental health conditions, using mobile mental health assistive applications would improve the employees’ performance. Hence, assistive mobile technology can be used to support people with mental health conditions to stay in their jobs and improve their productivity, in addition to assist remembering daily activities, order and organize them according to place and emotions. Emotion detection based mobile technologies are recently considered a revolution in building assistive mobile applications. This article introduces a Bio-reminder mobile application that will remind the person with his/her tasks based on matching with their biometrics associated with the given task. Biometrics includes heart rate monitoring measured by biosensors. In this paper, the proposed mobile application uses Fitbit to measure heart rate, calories burned in addition to GPS to report the location.