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An Unusual Cause of Myoglobinuria

Abhishek Dixit* , Sanjay Wagle, Deepa Usulumarty, Shrirang Bichu, Parag Tilve and Viswanath Billa

Journal Title:Medical & Clinical Research

Rhabdomyolysis is characterized by the acute breakdown of skeletal muscle, resulting in the release of muscle cell contents like myoglobin, creatine phosphokinase (CK) and lactate dehydrogenase, which can lead to acute kidney injury in severe cases. A number of etiologies have been identified in acute rhabdomyolysis including hereditary and acquired of which drugs and trauma account for the majority of cases [1]. Physical therapy is frequently prescribed and generally considered safe for weakness; deconditioning and non - specific muscle aches. Rhabdomyolysis following a massage session is unheard of. However we report a rare case of rhabdomyolysis with acute kidney injury following an aggressive massage session.