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The Impact of a Structured Balance Training Program on Elderly Adults

Chris King

Journal Title:Medical & Clinical Research

Several viewpoints existed as to what is considered a fall. These viewpoints were developed based on the aspect of an individual’s involvement in a fall situation, knowledge level about falls, among other factors. A broad definition of a fall that has been widely accepted is “an event whereby an individual comes to rest on the ground or another lower level with or without a loss of consciousness” [1]. When referring to falls in more of a research typesetting, the researcher may have considered a fall, “an unexpected event in which the participants come to rest on the ground, floor, or lower level” [1]. Another proposed definition of a fall wasa “sudden unintentional change in position causing an individual to land at a lower level, on an object, the floor, or the ground, other than as a consequence of sudden onset of paralysis, epileptic seizure, or overwhelming external force” [1].