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Prevention and Management of Respiratory Diseases Including Lung Cancer Through Exercise Interventions

Manikonda Prakash Rao

Journal Title:Medical & Clinical Research

The objective of the paper is to create awareness among people about alternative and complimentary methods to protect themselves from respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchitis, chronic obstructive lung disease, cancer etc. The following changes take place in airways as a result of Lung diseases 1) Inflammation: Is a physiological process and plays the role of immunological defense against infection, injury or allergy 2) Hyper secretion of mucus: is a major pathological feature of Airway diseases. It is the result of goblet cell hyperplasia in respiratory mucosa and is a prominent feature of inflammation. Acute inflammation is a defense process and where as Chronic inflammation is a disease process. Chronic Inflammation and mucus hyper secretion are a potential risk factors for an accelerated loss of lung function. It is a common feature in elderly.. The thick viscous mucus in the Lungs will be conducive to pathogens. Continued inflammation and mucus hyper Secretion may significantly contribute to transformation of normal cells into cancer cells ( often as a result of chemical , viral or radioactive damage to genes) 3) Broncospasm: is an additional factor in asthma patients. The three factors together cause breathlessness.