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The Visual Arts and how Advanced Mathematics Affects Human Consciousness

Nydia J. Gutierrez

Journal Title:Medical & Clinical Research

Computational Modeling and Advanced Mathematics: How it affects the encoding of memory in the brain. Computational modeling and advanced mathematical models defined the visual cognitive hierarchy that connects to human intelligence and creative thinking. The influential of human intelligence and the brain provides concretes images that neuroscience creates spatial abstraction and cultural creative thinking. The genes and the environment affects’ the plasticity and neuroplasticity of the human brain. The creative cognitive genome affects human intelligence. This stimulates the reconstruction and the plasticity of the brain. Consciousness is recreated by the momentum of time. And this affects the experiences of the events and frequency. The generation of consciousness and brain activity. The neural mechanism that retrieves consciousness and the significant of brain anatomy. Computational modeling and advanced mathematics affects the encoding and decoding of consciousness and memory. Therefore, it is true that advanced mathematics and computational analysis affects the encoding of memory in the human brain. The Encoding of Consciousness and Mathematics in the Human Brain. Encoding and Consciousness comes in many ways and visual mathematic patterns. It is the refraction to our human intelligence and creative thinking. It recreates our personal memories and it encodes the mind mapping abstraction as an algorithm. Perhaps, the mind is our biggest treasure and it recreates memories and experiences. Neuroscience provides findings and it chooses consciousness. What we recreate is not an illusion but a brain algorithm that happens through numerical figures. It is the surroundings of the impossible. Moreover, the possibility of a thinking pattern that helps believes our soul. Our language is not only based on neurons although it recognizes sound and it merges in the Broca’s area and the cerebral cortex. It is recognition of brilliance and creative thinking.