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Myasthenia Cardiomyopathy Silent Myocarditis Unveiled by Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance

Yasmin Hanfi1 , Dominique Auger1 , Dudley J Pennell*1 and FMedSci1,2

Journal Title:Medical & Clinical Research

In myastheniagravis (MG) patients, heart muscle is one of the autoimmune targets. The presentation of cardiac involvement with MG varies and may include myocarditis. Beyond comprehensive left ventricular volume and ejection fraction quantification, cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) provides incomparable non-invasive tissue characterisation. Hence, CMR in MG may allow early detection of subclinical myocarditis or evaluation of remote myocardial damage by late gadolinium enhancement technique.We present the first case of cardiac involvement of immune-mediated myocarditis imaged by CMR in MG.