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An Unusual Case: The Importance of Wrist Arthritis in Post-Polio Sequelae

Mahmut Altuntas

Journal Title:Medical & Clinical Research

Joint pain and accompanyings welling is the most common complaint in clinical practice. In this cases, the important thing is to determine the underlyingetiology and to give appropriatet reatment. The most common cause of most joint disease observed in the form of acutemono arthritis is gout and calcium pyrophosphate crystal storage disease. The prevalence of gout disease peaks among the ages of 40 to 50. The causes of increased prevalenceare advanced age, the use of diuretics for obesity and hypertension, trauma and excessive alcohol consumption.1Gout is 5 times more common in males. The gout attack occurs most often in the first metatarso falangialsingle joint in the ankle.