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Cystic Meningiomas: Report of Four Cases

Bouallag M1 *, Bekralas H1 ,Chitti M1 , Habchi N1,2, Boulaouad W1 and Djaafer M1 *

Journal Title:Medical & Clinical Research

Although intra cranial meningiomas are usually solid tumors, some are associated with confusing cysts. So, computed tomography scan and conventional magnetic resonance imaging may not easily differentiate these lesions from other tumors frequently associated with cystic or necrotic component as gliomas or metastasis. We report four cases of cystic meningioma in which the diagnosis was not suspected preoperatively because of short clinical history and rapid neurological deterioration. However, a cystic component on imaging studies confused the diagnosis of meningioma with other cyst lesions. Although some authors report that hemorrhage is rare in meningioma, one of our cases was associated with hemorrhage and was histologically grade I meningioma. Total removal of cystic meningioma was our goal and histopathological examination was important to establish the diagnosis after surgery.