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Educational Actions for a Developing Learning in Student’s Medicine

José Ramón Valdés Utrera1 , Jesús Cuéllar Álvarez2 *, Annia Vizcaíno Escobar3 and Melva García Martínez4

Journal Title:Medical & Clinical Research

Background: the purpose of this paper is to present some educational actions aimed at the effective achievement of a communicative style by teachers in the local Cuban context. Objective: proposing educational actions for a developing learning in student’s medicine. Methods: a cross-sectional descriptive study, carried out in the period between October 2018 and March 2019, with student’s medicine in the town of Santa Clara, Cuba. Theoretical methods are used systemic, historical-logical and analytical-synthetic; as well as empirical ones: documentary analysis, questionnaire to students, interview to experts; and the descriptive method. Results: it was found that in the teaching-learning process from the student’s medicine, features of the rote teaching are used and have difficulties in the communication. Conclusions: the existing needs in the students stimulated the authors to propose educational actions to achieve a communicative and motivating developer learning in adolescent students.