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Intranuclear Inclusions in Cerebellar Golgi Cells of Patients with Cerebellar Tumors

Orlando J Castejón

Journal Title:Medical & Clinical Research

Fibrillar Intranuclear inclusions are described in cerebellar Golgi cells of three patients with cerebellar tumors. Cortical biopsies taken during neurosurgical treatment were immediately processed for transmission electron microscopy. The intranuclear inclusion appears as a straight rodlet up to 3 um in length and from 0.4 um in width, immersed in the nucleoplasm and without topographic relationship with the nucleolus. This rodletshows a periodic or crystalloid structure formed by dense bands 9.2 nm thick, separated by clear spaces of 5.4 nm in width (Fig. 2), and in some regions displays a lattice or crystalloid appearance produced by oblique superposition of the dense bands. The findings are discussed in relationship with intranuclear inclusion found in viral and central neurodegeneraive diseases.