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Study Educational for the Prevention of Suicidal Methods in Adolescents

Jesús Cuéllar Álvarez1 *, José Ramón Valdés Utrera2 , Liset Perdomo Blanco3 , Vivian Margarita Guerra Morales4 and Dunia Mercedes Ferrer Lozano5

Journal Title:Medical & Clinical Research

Background: The adolescent suicidal intent in the county of Villa Clara and their incidence in the municipality of Santa demand of assuming a detailed analysis to prevent suicide. Objective: To prevent the suicidal methods educationally in adolescents. Methods: A study of traverse descriptive type was used. The study population conformed to for 20 adolescents. The main variables were: age, sex, used methods, family operation and educational method that it was obtained starting from an applied survey and the contained data in the clinical histories of the patients. Results: It was corroborated that the suicidal intents in the adolescence were associated with soft and hard methods where they were the ingestion of medications and the hanging. Conclusions: In educational methods with adolescents, a dysfunction with a high total prevalence of 52,7 % prevailed with the use of soft methods from pills and the use of hard methods such as hanging