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Study of Analyzing Outcome of Building and Introducing System for Preserving Full-Text of e-Journal

Kwang-Young Kim, Soon-Young Kim, Hwan-Min Kim

Journal Title:International Journal of Knowledge Content and Technology

Today, most researchers conduct their studies through the full-text of e-journals. Therefore, an important base for domestic development of science and technology is to obtain the full-text of quality e-journals by overseas researchers and to provide it to Koreas researchers. This study aims to build a system based on the National Archiving Center for the full-text of e-journals and to make a service system for providing them to the public by acquiring the full-text of quality overseas e-journals. To do this, an analysis was made of the outcome of introducing such a system for full-text of e-journals in comparison with the investment. As a result, 112 more institutions, that is, from 47 institutions to 159 institutions, have introduced the system as of 2012, and the number of downloaded full-texts increased at least 2.17 times.