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Innovative marketing approach in project management: A market orientation perspective.

Khaled Aladayleh Luisa Elena Mendoza Alvarado Adel Jafaari

Journal Title:Journal of innovations in digital marketing

The main objective of this paper is to develop an integrated conceptual framework to achieve consistency and synergy between project management and e-marketing activities within the market orientation that depends on the transaction, database, interactive and network marketing. The study solicited to apply this model in development or commercial projects conducted in Jordan. To extend this, the researcher interviewed people with experience who work in various projects such as educational projects or developing information technology systems, infrastructure projects, development projects, and others. The researcher was able to interview 34 experienced managers, and the interview form included a set of open questions related to the four dimensions of marketing orientation. The interview questions included covering how to integrate e-marketing activities into project management, it has directed in such a way as to highlight which marketing trends are most appropriate for the type of project and the duration of its implementation. The researcher identified most appropriate marketing trends for each project type and suggested which electronic marketing tools are most suitable for project managers and employees to adapt to communicate with individual clients or organizations, or even with other parties who have a direct or indirect relationship with the project such as stakeholders, suppliers and others.  The implication for practitioners in the projects suggested, and recommendations for future research to generalize the proposed conceptual framework also presented.