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Professional Inclination of Library and Information Science (LIS) Students of India: A Study of Socioeconomic Background and Career Choice Factors

KP Singh, Harish Chander

Journal Title:International Journal of Knowledge Content and Technology

The purpose of the study is to assess the professional inclination, academic and social background, family status and their occupation, gender distribution, choice of work, and their perceptions of aspirant LIS students. The study examined the various career choice factors and sources of motivation that influence the students of LIS profession. The data has been collected from the 251 LIS students enrolled five prominent universities of North India. The results indicate that majority of female students join the LIS profession because of employment opportunities. Most of the respondents are from rural areas, hails to middle class families and their educational background in Arts/Humanities and Social Science subjects. Majority of the respondents choose the LIS profession as primary career because for the better employment possibilities. The study recommends the public awareness about the LIS profession in India.