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An Evaluation of Applying Knowledge Base to Academic Information Service

Seok-Hyoung Lee, Hwan-Min Kim, Ho-Seop Choe

Journal Title:International Journal of Knowledge Content and Technology

Through a series of precise text handling processes, including automatic extraction of information from documents with knowledge from various fields, recognition of entity names, detection of core topics, analysis of the relations between the extracted information and topics, and automatic inference of new knowledge, the most efficient knowledge base of the relevant field is created, and plans to apply these to the information knowledge management and service are the core requirements necessary for intellectualization of information. In this paper, the knowledge base, which is a necessary core resource and comprehensive technology for intellectualization of science and technology information, is described and the usability of academic information services using it is evaluated. The knowledge base proposed in this article is an amalgamation of information expression and knowledge storage, composed of identifying code systems from terms to documents, by integrating terminologies, word intelligent networks, topic networks, classification systems, and authority data.