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Evaluate the Performance of the Router Algorithms in Different Scenarios TCP Newreno and TCP Reno?

Wessam Abbas Hamed?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Nowadays,As the new user applications and Internet traffic are rapid increas growth, the need for developing the Internet infrastructure that guarantee good level of quality of service became necessary. Congestion that is caused by amount of traffic remains steady as a main problem that threats the Quality of Service (QoS) on the Internet. Queue management mechanisms classified in to proactive working in Internet routers help enhance the performance of applications responsive applications such as TCP. Choose Active queue management mechanism plays an important role to lead to good network performance and utilization. In our research this we will evaluate the performance of the router algorithms namely DropTail, REM, and RED proposed for IP routers to achieve performance among competing sources based on different protocols(TCP Newreno and TCP Reno) using (ns2) and operating system linux . the purpose of this performance checking is to identify the key parameters to improve the fairness and link utilization in TCP/IP networks .also,this will help obtaining a better understanding of these mechanisms by identifying and clarifying factors that influence their performance in order to improve TCP/IP networks performance overall .after that ,We compared the results obtained from the statistical analysis based on the rate of the queue capacity and packet loss and link utilization.